Track Datastore Free Space

I’ve got a great new script for you today!

We all love VMware for consolidating our servers. And we all know that virtualization requires lot’s of SAN space. But how do you keep track of the amount of space left on all your datastores? It’s pretty easy to create a report using the Powershell VI Toolkit. But who is going to read all those reports and compare them to yesterday’s values? You will most likely end up with a mailbox full of reports and still be surprized when yet another datastore fills up.

PeetersOnline to the rescue! How about storing the report every day and comparing today’s values to yesterday’s values? Then you can email yourself only the differences. The overview shows the datastores that changed since yesterday, the change rate and the current value. This way, you can easily assess if the datastore is about to fill up.

Because it is quite a large script (in Powershell terms) and it contains long lines that are not easily readable on my site, I have attached the script for you to download. It contains lot’s of comments, so you should be able to follow exactly what it does and how it works. If not, post a comment.


Track-Datastores (Rename to .ps1)

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