Create a Directory Tree with Powershell

I was playing around with PSDrives when I decided to write this script. It recurses through (part of) a PSDrive and shows the items it finds in a simple tree view.
The fun part is that it works on any PSDrive!

  • Show-Tree D:\scripts will show subdirectories and files in a tree;
  • Show-Tree HKCU:\ will show Registry keys and subkeys in a tree;
  • Show-Tree VI:\ will show your VMware Virtual Infrastructure in a tree, if you first create a PSDrive for it.

Here’s how to create a PSDrive for you Virtual Infrastructure:

$root = Get-Folder -NoRecursion
New-PSDrive -Name VI -PSProvider VIMInventory -Root ‘\’ -Location $root

Creating a full tree takes plenty of time, but you can get a branch of the full tree like so: Show-Tree VI:\MYDATACENTER\host\MYFOLDER\MYCLUSTER, where you replace the caps with your own names. Use vm instead of host to show the Virtual Machines and Templates view instead of the Hosts and Clusters view.


# Function that lists the children of a dir
function Show-TreeItems

# Function that indents to a level i
function Indent
$Global:Indent = $null
For ($x=1; $x -le $i; $x++)
$Global:Indent += ” “

$Children = Get-ChildItem $Location | Sort Name
ForEach ($Child in $Children)
Indent $i
“{0}{1}” -f $Indent,$Child
If ($Child.PSIsContainer)
# Recurse through subdir
Show-TreeItems $Child.PSPath


# Actual start of script
$i = 0
Show-TreeItems $BaseDir

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