Spring Cleanup

Spring is here! Even though it is still freezing in the mornings and we had snow at Easter, the sun is shining a lot lately, and flowers are starting to grow everywhere. And you know what spring means, don’t you? White beers and girls in summer dresses? No, not yet, that’s summer. I mean cleaning up.

When you buy a new couch and remove the old one from your livingroom, you realize how much dirt is left behind. When you buy a new printer, or some other hardware for you computer, you might grab a duster and cleanup your desk. But did you ever cleanup your Operating System when replacing a device?

Here’s how you do it:

Device Management Nonpresent Devices

Oh, and don’t forget to click View, Show Hidden Devices. See all those devices with light icons? Those were installed once, but are not present now. So select them and press Delete. But better leave the RAS Async Adapter alone. That one is supposed to stay grey and is needed for remote access.

This trick is especially helpful when migrating fysical computers to VMware (socalled P2V). You are practically replacing all the computers hardware at once, so there’s a lot to clean up.

So there you have it. Your wife asks you to help cleaning up? Sure honey, I’ll cleanup the pc!