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Hacked by adamblaze 2017 – http://twitter.com/adamblazex
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  1. Hi hugo,

    Apologies for a slightly off-topic question.

    I am having an issue with the “get-vm” command being very slow on the FIRST time its run only.

    I’m just wondering based on your experience how long does the get-vm command usually take on the FIRST run based on the given number of VMs in the vCenter inventory?

    Also, what advice can you give me around building a high performing environment where the get-vm command is very fast even on the first run… is it simply a matter of getting very fast cpu/memory/hard disk etc… or are there fundamental ways of speeding up a simple “get-vm” command on the FIRST time its launched? Note – get-vm runs quickly on subsequent runs, I’m specifically querying around speeding up the first run…

    Appreciate any insight you can provide,

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