Setting Video Hardware Acceleration Level

It’s about time I follow up on the post Getting Video Hardware Acceleration Level.

I have created a simple, fire-and-forget script that sets the Hardware Video Acceleration Level for all your (Windows Server 2003 and Powered On) VM’s to Full. This way you can always enjoy smooth mouse movements when working in the console!

Set-VMVideoAccLevel (Rename to .ps1)


15 thoughts on “Setting Video Hardware Acceleration Level”

  1. At the VM-Tools install you can set this more easy !

    Look inside the inf files for each Driver type Windowsbased….search for [vmx_svga_SoftwareDeviceSettings] here the HKR are set !

    Add a new line HKR, , Acceleration.Level, %REG_DWORD%, 0
    From now on the settings will set during FTI 🙂

    1. This solution to update the msi is great! I am not 100% clear on how to do this. Is there anyway you can include some instructions? I would like to have an msi that just installs the vmware tools with HA turned up all the way.



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  6. Is there a way to use this script for a list of servers? I am working in multiple VC’s and multiple clusters. I have a list of server hostnames that I need to set.

  7. How would you use this method on a local machine to check/set the acceleration level during a system build?

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