This “Helpful Script of the Day” will determine the Video Hardware Acceleration Level for each of your Virtual Machines. Setting the Acceleration to Full will prevent choppy mouse movement when using the console. You can just as easily adjust the script to run against a list of servers of even get the server list from Active Directory. The script works on both physical and virtual Windows servers. Note that a AccLevel of 5 corresponds to No Acceleration and a AccLevel of 0 to Full Acceleration.

Get-VMAccLevel (Rename to .ps1)

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6 Responses to Getting Video Hardware Acceleration Level

  1. Sumit GUpta says:

    Nice script…
    But is there a way to change change the Video Hardware Acceleration Level using the script?

  2. admin says:

    You can use the SetValue method instead of the GetValue method to set the value of the registry setting. But I’m not sure if the setting will be applied right away. I didn’t have the chance to test that yet.

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  4. Nielsson says:

    Btw: It is not always “Video0″.
    On another computer of mine it is “Video7″ and “Video8″.
    So it doesn’t seem to be a general solution?

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  6. admin says:

    Nielsson and Sumit, I have posted a new script that solves both your questions:

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