When you first look at the official VMware website, it looks like any other website of any other company that wants to sell their product. It’s filled with “management-talk”, nice charts and graphs and so on and so forth. But there is more than meets the eye…

 When filling in a form on the VMware website to register for the upcoming Virtualization Forum 2008, I found the possibility to enter a prefix, such as Mr. or Prof. in front of my name. And although I could not find my titles ir. or MSCE, I did find the following list:

VMware Starwars Prefixes

My first thoughts? “Rogue Leader, this is Rogue Two. I’ve got a bogey on my tail. Get rid of it R2D2!”

It turns out that these are all official Airforce titles, but I can’t help but think about a real IT-nerd, sick off all the management-talk, starwars fan of course, having a chuckle while publishing this form. It is subtle proof of the fact that VMware products are made by real people after all.

UPDATE: Strangely, the registration page on the VMware Forum website, does not contain these prefixes, while the page I found after clicking a link in the invitation thay emailed me did…


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  1. These are hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh today :-).


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